Corona Carrom counter

I've managed to create a online counter for use with the Corona Carrom events we're holding lately. You can access it here. I hope you find it useful ☺ [Read More]
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Terraform is neat!

A couple of days ago I signed up to terraform but hadn’t had a chance to try it out. However, today I decided to give it a try with their getting started guide. I was pleasantly surprised and quite impressed with the ease of creating an AWS VM without the... [Read More]

Promoting Carrom on a TV Talk Show

Few months back, when I was involved with organising the 7th Carrom World Championship, I got a chance to talk about Carrom, reaching out to many in the UK. It was a part of a talk show hosted by Channel S and the experience has been quite unique and rewarding.... [Read More]

Remove notification from Ubuntu top panel

Just the other day, I ran into this issue where I had a printer notification showing up in the Unity top panel of my Ubuntu 14.04 workstation. I had already got rid of any printers on my system, hence I couldn’t get rid of this notification. If I clicked on... [Read More]

Being Interviewed On Radio

Upon being introduced by a friend, I had my first & unique opportunity of being interviewed on NuSound radio by RJ Ashwini. It was, obviously, quite a novel experience talking on a live radio show. It was a short programme that RJ Ashwini has introduced, called ‘Local Londoners’ wherein she... [Read More]